body·face·hand BAR


Our BAR is a studio favorite. It is handcrafted and made with loads of moisturizing ingredients. We add a touch of our herbal infusion right before it’s cured. Our curing process ensures high quality and we will not rush the timing. (You can thank us later.)

Simply made with 
Organic Saponified Oils (Olive, Coconut [UNREFINED], Shea, Castor)
Essential Oils [MIX OF: Organic, Wild Harvested, Steam Distilled]
Organic Herbs
Citric Acid
Comes in Five Scents
The essential oil blends are curated in house with a perfumist approach –
allowing for unique, fresh and aromatic scents.
Lavandula – A floral lavender scent with a hint of citrus and mint
Lemongrass – A fresh lemongrass scent with a hint of lavender
Lotus – A special blend of mint, woodsy tone, coupled with floral notes
Poppy – A blend of warm vanilla scent and sweet citrus
Zinnia – A sweet fruity scent



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