Why DO SINGLE when you can DO MULTI?

Why DO SINGLE when you can DO MULTI?

Products offering you a choice of how to use them, not a one application solution.

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Meet Limegreen | Products truly for EVERYONE!

Spray & Oil (Available Scent)
  • Multi-Use

    You can use your product one way, or choose many. Each product can be used in more than one way of application. So the choice is yours!!
  • Affordable Luxury

    Not all things high quality sit on the top shelf. We make sure we are in arms reach, making luxury accessible one bottle at a time.
  • Handcrafted

    Every one of our products are hand cut, hand poured, packaged & shipped from our studio. It’s important to us that you know where your products are made.
  • Completely Natural

    When we say natural, we mean 100% natural! No nasty, scary ingredients you can't pronounce. Only the best, non-toxic, locally sourced real ingredients.


    There was something special about the land in North Carolina and what was produced there. Fresh ingredients, hand-picked as needed from as close as the front yard allowed us to barely go into town.

  • BORN in BK

    BORN in BK

    Born in the wake of life-altering events, Talima Davis and Allison Lamb developed their brand, Limegreen, which thrives off its Southern Heritage. After Talima and Allison’s friend was stricken with cancer caused by environmental surroundings, Talima gravitated to her grandmother’s approach of gardening and natural home remedies.

    BORN in BK
  • MADE in NY

    MADE in NY

    Limegreen is excited to develop relationships with local farms for ingredient sourcing, perform demos in tiny pop-up markets and travel up the Hudson looking for connections to their NC Roots – which is the inspiration for their company.

    MADE in NY

We Keep it Really Simple Here

It's almost as simple as being on a farm and freshly picking the ingredients... Minus the farm and all :-)
NO Animal Derivatives
NO Preservatives
NO Synthetic Ingredients
NO Parabens


Simplify your morning routine with one item that does it ALL.
Shop cleansers for your hair, face, body, hand.


Feel nice and smooth all day, with our Oils, Balms, and Candles.
All little bit goes a long way!!!


Freshen Up with one of our AMAZING & ADDICTIVE aromas. You can choose one of our gentle Spray Mist or pamper yourself with one of the Moisturizing Candles.

Enough Scents to Last All Day

Six Scents to complete your mood and special moments – Musk, Floral, Woodsy, Minty and Clean


We absolutely LOVE IT when you enjoy our products!

@brooklynlimegreen skin care. Go Brooklyn!!! Gentle head-to-toe multi-purpose skin care & household products. Their lip, hair & body balm is the bomb. We are excited about the Sunflower baby wash.
FUHGEDDABOUDIT! So excited to come home today to see products from @brooklynlimegreen. The oil (which can be used for pretty much everything) is my favorite eye makeup remover. I’m obsessed with the Lotus scent, but now I’m getting the opportunity to try out Lemongrass and Lavandula. I have to tell you, if you haven’t tried these products, please do, especially if you love multi-use products made with pure ingredients and like to support small companies that are trying to do the right thing. And let’s be honest, what’s cooler tha something made in New York? (asks the native New Yorker)
I’ve been so impressed with @brooklynlimegreen made by @talimadavis that I’ve stocked up on these 3-in-1 Hair-Face-Body washes in yummy scents like Poppy and Zinnia so that we don’t run out. If you suffer from dry, cracked skin in the winter, you can bet that these will keep your skin soft. Made in New York in small batched.
@brooklynlimegreen I have been so so so happy with your products! They’re truly amazing! I recommend it to everyone.