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Walk for a Cure



Last year on a beautiful May day, the day after my birthday my cousin Tavasia passed away. This day will forever be etched in my heart and mind, not only because of her passing but it marked the day I devoted 100% of my time, energy and tears into Limegreen. I would not doubt myself anymore and keep putting off Limegreen because of fear. She loved Limegreen, she was my loudest cheerleader and if I needed a push she would give me a kick in the butt. Her life was short but she will never be forgotten, NEVER. I love her and miss her everyday.

This year will mark the second year my family and all of my cousins "sister-friends" participated in WALK FOR A CURE. 
This year Limegreen donated soaps and ALL of the proceeds collected were donated to the American Cancer Society - Walk for a Cure. 
I know she is so proud of us and I am so happy that our efforts will get us closer to a cure. I urge everyone to donate, walk or volunteer to this amazing cause.

---- Love you "shrimpy"



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