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Hello my name is Talima Davis and I am the founder of Limegreen. It has been so long since I have written a blog but today is a new start. So many of you guys (and gals) follow us on Instagram and Facebook but you always tell me you want to know more and I agree. There are so many great things going on and we are working our buns off in the studio to produce products we love.

I reactivated my old blog and decided to write...

Since this is my first blog I didn't want to bombard you everything. I will use this blog to share some tips, photos and behind the scenes with you all. 

Before I close, I wanted to end with saying THANK YOU 

  • thank you for the people who love and support Limegreen
  • thank you to the customers to come and see us at the markets and instantly put a smile on our face
  • thank you to people who like our photos and send love even though we have never met
  • thank you for the people who come to our classes and we laugh and talk about life hours after the class has ended
  • thank you to our amazing staff who keeps you entertained and happy

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