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Repurpose Candle glasses


Here at Limegreen we try our best to use packaging that can be repurposed and/or recycled however its always great when you reuse it as something you LOVE.


Above -

In our office we light candles all day long because we absolutely love the candles however the other day the candle was down to the end and it hit me how great the glasses would work as a pseudo vase. YES!!!!!

Cleaning the glass//

In order to clean the candle glass I put 1 inch of water into a pot and boiled it on low. I put the glass inside until the wax melted ( it was a very small amount of wax left) and I removed to cool. Then I took some newspaper and cleaned it thoroughly then I soaked the glass into some soapy water and then removed to dry.

I ran to the backyard and clipped from our garden and that's it. I absolutely love it and it looks so good. I am thinking about using it for my succulents as well. Hmmmm!!!

How will you repurpose your glasses or any of our other products, send me pictures - talima@brooklynlimegreen.com


Talima Davis