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In essence, Limegreen was created before I was born. It was engrained in me on my family farm in North Carolina.
Though I was born in New York, my family originates from the south. My paternal side is from North Carolina, where I most enjoyed summers and holidays at my great-grandparents home. You could find me on the farm picking peas or in the front of the house mimicking the sounds of cows and goats.

I loved sharing time with my grandmother, an award-winning gardener. If there were ever an ailment, she had a home remedy for it. As a child I looked on as she sprinkled baking soda in our sneakers, cleaned just about everything with vinegar or tied string to the windows--one trick I later learned was to keep the pigeons at bay!

My Product:

Limegreen is a natural and organic line of products for your home, baby and garden. We use only 100% essential oils in all of our products.  In our candles we only use soy wax made from pure 100% soybeans. Our room spray and disinfectants do not contain any chemicals, additives or preservatives, making them a smart, eco-friendly alternative. All Limegreen product are proudly MADE IN BROOKLYN.

(Pictured above, left me in North Carolina age 3, right myself and my cousin Tavasia in North Carolina)

My Story

On May 16, 2011 my cousin Tavasia Moore (pictured above)  lost her battle with breast cancer, this day has and will ever change my life. She passed away the day after my birthday and 12 days before her 34 birthday. She was one of Limegreen's supporters and my motivator. Life is a gift and I am so thankful to have that gift for 30 years.

P.S. Our goal is to provide you the best products, if you have any questions, comments or would like to take a private class please feel free to contact info@brooklynlimegreen.com

We hope you enjoy,

Talima Davis
Founder & Country Girl At Heart