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Talima Davis
ceo · creator · facial comedian

I spent lots of time with one of my favorite people in North Carolina as a child (I'm the littlest one in the pic). I called him ‘Ole’ Dad’ - he was my Great Grandfather. I remember how funny he was and how I was happy, as long as I was within a couple of feet of him. He was silly, a jokester - he called me ‘Rock.’  As a kid it was just a nickname, but as an adult I know that name to mean more. In similes and metaphors, it refers to someone or something that is extremely strong and reliable. Thanks Ole’ Dad. 

I try to be one of those people who laugh everyday, at something – usually myself. To my family I am the funny, and always silly, one. It’s a title that I love. I love that when I'm around my friends and family there is always laughter. My sense of humor is what grounds me and keeps me sane. 

I am a maker, I make products and beautiful things, however this past September I created something so much more - a beautiful baby girl. She has changed me in every way. I see myself in her. She loves to laugh and smile constantly - everything is funny to her (which isn’t so funny to me at three in the morning). It’s a great feeling to bring her to the studio and create. I love that she sees me doing what I love, everyday. 

– Talima 



Allison Lamb
creative · marketing · slow dancer 

The name 'Slow Dancer' came less for my dancing, and more for the slow music I listen to. I could make you remember every lyric to Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder's songs, because I play them so much. Those two guys have always been my 'go to' people when I want to mentally escape and create. 

The passion that both of these amazing artist evoke in their music is the same passion I feel when I am making something for someone in the studio. It feels very personal. I know that this 'thing' I have made with my hands will be in someone else's hands soon... And those are the priceless connections that Limegreen has create for me. 

Why I create // As a kid, I used to take electronics from around the house (things I didn't think my parents would notice) take them apart and try to make them work better. Nine times out of ten, it didn't work again ... But that one time that it did made me feel like I made it better and fixed something in the world. Limegreen gives me that same feeling of changing the world -- with every soap bar I prepare to ship, every bottle I fill, every order we place for new organic / wild harvested ingredients. We always look around and question "how can we improve? what can we make better?" One thing that couldn't get much better is working with these people everyday.   

– Allison