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BALM THIS:  LIPS · HAIR · BODY · BABY – Use it one way, or many

The multi-use nature of Limegreen’s all-natural, vegan products sets us apart from every other skincare and cosmetic product on the wholesale market. Our products offer high level of quality and versatility while remaining sustainable, cruelty-free and extremely gentle to use.

The inspiration for our multi-use nature was my grandmother, Catherine, who used baking soda for everything! Cleaning, brushing our teeth and stinky shoes. 

Limegreen’s plant-based products are for everyone, with a nut-free option for babies and customers with allergies. The full line consists of: conditioning soaps for your hair, face, body and hands; full-body oils that nourish skin and remove makeup residue; candles that fill the room with natural scent and melt down to a perfect massage oil; balms for your lips, body, beard and to soothe extreme dryness; moisturizing, DEET-free insect repellents; and refreshing sprays for your body, room, linens and face. All of them are meant to be used for multiple things. 

We have so many synthetic ingredients in our foods, in our cleaners, in our skincare. We can’t offer you a solution to everything, but we can offer you a choice. A choice of a different skincare line that’s completely natural.